Three’s Company Services, Inc.

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Sign Restoration

We restore signs and other outdoor decor to it’s original look, like it is brand new.

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Scratch Repair

Whether you have scratch or acid damage on your glass or windows we’ll restore the window to it’s original look saving you hundreds of dollars on replacing the window or glass.

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Welcome to Three's Co Services Inc: Commercial Graffiti Remover in Los Angeles, CA

Three’s Company Services, Inc. Scratched Glass Repair

Three’s Company Services, Inc. based in Orange County, CA, providing a mobile repair service that has been saving customers hundreds and thousands of dollars by restoring the glass that has been affected by acid-etched and scratched graffiti on storefront windows. Graffiti on glass has become a major problem over the years and Three’s Company Services, Inc. is here to help save your GLASS. We have developed a removal process to remove the graffiti and scratches from your glass without having to replace the glass. The repair process is a cost savings of more than half of replacement. In some cases even more. Any type of scratch can now be removed, efficiently, quickly, neatly and affordably.

Our removal process is performed on site and is considered a green service. Our repair system first starts with sanding out the etching with 3 to 4 different special types of sanding pads in the removal process. After the etching is completely removed we bring the glass back to new condition with a final polish. We have two main goals with our repair process. Bring the glass back to new condition and to save you money vs. replacement. Many glass companies will tell you that the repair process can’t be done. This is because they want you to buy more glass! Our repair process works and to prove it we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Three’s Company Services is set up with a full staff of professional services technicians along with a complete office staff to expedite our 24-hour removal service. Three’s Company Services will save you money by repairing your scratched glass. No Scratched Glass Removal job is too big.

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