Scratch Removal Services in Los Angeles, CA

Building restored after scratch removal from Three's Co Services Inc in Los Angeles, CA

Graffiti Scratch Removal

This is our 4-step process that removes the graffiti without having to replace the glass. Cost savings of more than half of replacement cost. This process is a GREEN service.

Sign Restoration

Clean and restore monument and building signs to new condition.  We use a new product that brings back the original color.  In addition it protects the sign from future oxidation and corrosion.

Window Tinting & Anti-Graffiti Film

Over 20+ years of experience installing commercial window tinting and anti-graffiti guard.

Stainless Steel Scratch Removal

Remove graffiti and scratches from stainless steel. “Elevators and Appliances”

Window Frame Restoration

A unique protective coating that restores window frames back to new condition.

Hard Water Removal

Polish and buff out hard water deposits on windows.

Building Painting

We now have a painting crew that can help with everything from painting free-standing buildings to small graffiti issues.

Glass Replacement

We have a full crew now replacing glass for your needs. As always, we strive to support our great clients.