About Three’s Company Services, Inc.

Three’s Company Services, Inc. is a service facilities maintenance company servicing multiple locations: Retail, Financial Institutions, Restaurants, School Districts and Government Agencies with cost-effective maintenance solutions.

Management has over 50 years of experience and knowledge associated with servicing your specific needs. We have over 20 well-trained technicians that cover the greater Southern California and the Las Vegas region.  We offer a 24-hour service with 100% satisfaction.   We work closely to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs and maintenance goals.

If we can help with any of your needs please feel free to contact us.  Three’s Company and its entire staff look forward to serving your needs.


Services we have to offer:

Graffiti Scratch Removal

This is our 4-step process that removes the graffiti without having to replace the glass. Cost savings of more than half of replacement cost. This process is a GREEN service.

Sign Restoration

Clean and restore monument and building signs to new condition.  We use a new product that brings back the original color.  In addition it protects the sign from future oxidation and corrosion.

Window Tinting & Anti-Graffiti Film

Over 20+ years of experience installing commercial window tinting and anti-graffiti guard.

Stainless Steel Scratch Removal

Remove graffiti and scratches from stainless steel. “Elevators and Appliances”

Window Frame Restoration

A unique protective coating that restores window frames back to new condition.

Hard Water Removal

Polish and buff out hard water deposits on windows.

Building Painting

We now have a painting crew that can help with everything from painting free-standing buildings to small graffiti issues.

Glass Replacement

We have a full crew now replacing glass for your needs. As always, we strive to support our great clients.

Three’s Company Services, Inc.

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